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NASA Claims Mysterious Ice Formation Is A Sign For Alien Life

NASA researchers have lately decided to uncover the long-puzzling mystery over the ice sheet spread across 40% of the Saturn’s massive moon that is being claimed to show signs of life present there. The surface of Saturn’s largest moon Titan has absurd ice structure that is lately fuelling clueless theories regarding the existence of alien life. In the Solar System, Titan is the only body that has liquid rain like the Earth.  The mystery over the ice structure is something the researchers still have no answers for. The massive surface has nearly half of it covered by the mysterious ice formation. The scientists believe that more studying is required to uncover the facts about the Titan’s icy surface

The Brigham Young University Planetary Scientist Jani Radebaugh has announced that the global gentle snowfall of organics is something that needs investigation. The Titan is 50% bigger than the Earth’s Moon that has an atmosphere filled with nitrogen, methane, hydrogen, and other gases. NASA engineers wish to get all their facts sorted and thoroughly study the Saturn’s moon from the exterior as well as interior so as to confirm that it is a place to flourish if the humans have to ever evacuate Earth in cases of apocalyptic crises.

Titan has however proved difficult to explore for the researchers as it’s covered in a thick layer of haze and rain always. The scientists affirm that the ice structures may be a result of the ancient occurred volcanic activity. The University of Arizona researchers have also put forth their research that the icy surface is a result of the cryo-volcanoes’ eruption that is known to burst out water and ice. The ribbons of ice covering almost half of the moon’s diameter tend to form an icy corridor. The icy corridor is a confusing concept as no other surfaces have shown such a feature or subsurface measurements. Titan’s bedrock ice has spots excavated by craters or exposed by erosion. According to University College London and University of Arizona researchers, AI has helped detect storms on Saturn that show the vast spots affected by dark storm clouds that have materials swept off the ground present in them.

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