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Apple Purchases Firms At The Same Speed You Purchase Groceries

Apple does not always tell the globe when it purchases a firm—but in fact, it is silently all the time snapping up startups. Last week, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) claimed to the media that Apple buys a new firm every 2–3 Weeks on average, and has purchased almost 20–25 firms in the past 6 Months alone. That is almost as frequent as we purchase groceries.

You know how people never fail to be shocked when they reach the cash register and view how much of their salary is about to be get converted into food? Users wonder if Apple ever gets the same feeling. We think not, seeing how the firm is supposedly sitting on $225.4 Billion of cash on hand single-handedly—sufficient to settle a historic series of court cases more than 50 times with Qualcomm. A number of smaller purchases by Apple do make the headlines.

On a related note, Apple is supposedly “mulling over” employing its June developers event to disclose its renovated Mac Pro, which has been in the operations for over 2 Years, as per media. The WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) by Apple is normally a software-aimed event, but this hardware disclosure might make sufficient logic: the Mac Pro is designed for demanding consumers such as developers, and that are the ones who will be present in the crowd.

It is also been speculated that the firm might begin making its personal external monitor one more time, and media recommends that WWDC might be employed to disclose that, as well. The monitor will show support for HDR, as per the media report. Other reports have suggested that the monitor will use mini-LED backlighting or will have 31.6-inch 6K display or something akin to close the gap with OLED and enhance the screen’s contrast.

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